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Sunday Worship Schedule:

Worship with Holy Communion

at 10:00 AM

Sunday School at 10:00 AM


860 Townline Road
Hauppauge, New York 11788

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A Message from Pastor Will Kroeze:


Dear friends in Christ,


I have to admit, I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I know that for many, a new year is an opportunity to assess the life lived in the previous year and give things a new start, leading to the annual list of resolutions. Maybe it’s because my resolutions have always been too unrealistic, or my old habits are just too hard to break, but I’ve just never been successful at keeping any resolutions I make. I might start off the new year with a new diet, or get myself to the gym more often for a few weeks, but more often than not, I’ve only found myself disappointed in my progress (or lack thereof) in meeting my resolutions so these days I find that I avoid making them in the first place.


Yet there’s something to be said for setting your mind on making your life better each year, so maybe this New Year is the time to give it a go again. After all, we should always be improving ourselves, making sure that we are fully living into our God-given potential and being the best versions of ourselves we can be.


It also occurs to me that as a congregation, it might be a good time to set some resolutions for ourselves as we enter the year 2017. If you were to make a list of Calvary’s resolutions, what would be on it? Here are some things I think we should be intentional about this year, a few of my own New Year’s resolutions for Calvary:


-Building on the success of this fall’s Cabaret Gala and Pumpkin Patch, find more ways to intentionally engage with our neighbors to build Calvary’s presence in our community and share the Good News of God’s love with them to bring them into the Calvary family.


-Strengthen our financial situation by regularly stressing the importance of generosity in our lives and sharing our space with a new tenant congregation.

-Commit ourselves to more frequent Bible study together, grounding ourselves in the scriptures as a community of faith to discern God’s will for our life together.


Of course, there are so many more things that we can and should be doing, but perhaps those three resolutions will be a good place to start. We at Calvary have so much to offer the community around us, but in order for us to grow and thrive we need everyone to pitch in. Church is not something we passively consume, it’s something we do together. And the work of moving into a new era is not MINE to do, it’s OURS to do TOGETHER!


We all love Calvary for so many different reasons. For the sake of our mission in this new year, it’s time we all put that love into action!


Your partner in Christ’s work,


Pastor Will Kroeze

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